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 Which is better??

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PostSubject: Which is better??   January 7th 2013, 7:38 am

Elysium gloves of the Gods+11

durability 200/200
Defense rate 754 increase
All Power Strike 3% increase
Attack Successful 75 increase
tp consumption 20 decreased
weapon strength training level +1 increase
Agni Mayas Gloves consumed

Asura Gloves of Tantra +11

Durability 200/200
Defense rate 360 increase
Avoid 161 increase
Weapon strength training level +1 increase
All resistance 50 increase
all Chakra 60 increase
Agni Laguta Gloves Consumed

Which is better?

for me... NPC gloves is better than the elysium gloves... for its chakra increase and all resistance increase...

GM kindly Review this... thanks... ^_^
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Which is better??
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